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Ans Vrensen received her professional training at the Municipal Academy of fine arts in Arendonk, Belgium
(baseline study and specialization).


My work is an expression of my inner world with roots in the Ukraine.

The Ukraine fascinates me, inspires me and nudges me onto the artistic path.

It feels as if the specifics of my ancestors are dissolved in my blood and are incorporated in my spiritual life.


Some topics:

     * After Chernobyl

     * The less fortunate fellowmen

     * Disadvantaged animals

     * The red forest (after Chernobyl)


​The Darkness (the devil) and the Light (the angel)
in every human being will always inspire me.
I often use fragile and perishable materials
to present my vision on people and society. 


Remaining loyal to myself often results
in displaying the beauty of imperfection.

For me, art is an ongoing journey of discoveries.
In me it continues to grow and flourish in many respects

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